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1 April 2013



My name is Lidia Antonacci. I am an agricultural entrepreneur.

My business name, Mio Padre è un Albero, My Father is a Tree, captures all the reasons I opted for this lifestyle, namely, my strong, deep and emotional connection with my family and with the land.

My business mostly focuses on the production of olive oil. My product has been included in prestigious guides and has won prizes and honours for its quality, a quality born from the heart.

Time, passion and enthusiasm represent my roots. I carefully oversee the entire production chain to ensure my product is of the highest quality; I want it to jump out to consumers from when they first see it.  

There are 638 olive varieties in Italy. In theory, they could produce 638 olive oils with different characteristics and aromatic notes reflecting the cultural and rural heritage of the region in which they are grown.  

Typical of my area, the Alta Daunia, the Peranzana variety is used for both oil and table olives, and is highly regarded for the richness and intensity of its aromatic notes.

My extraordinary adventure started from here.

I would love to share it with you.

This “diary” will explore the emotions, the sensations and particularly the flavours of my land. A true story of images and words that taste good.

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