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21 December 2013



A cold season, but one that is warm in our hearts.

The period of the year when you lock yourself away to welcome others.

During these months the olive trees enjoy some well-deserved rest before they start to wake up in the spring. They have just recently given us their fruit and, for the most demanding palates, the oil is ready.

Grass crumpled between your hands, green tomato and cardoon abound to delight the most sensitive and impatient noses. A short while after, the aroma opens up to a lovely frank sharpness and spiciness.

These characteristics make extra virgin olive oil stand apart from all other oils and are what enable it to add flavour and character to our dishes.

These peculiarities make each extra virgin olive oil different from the next, and are what “active” consumers seek, driven by the desire to satisfy their senses.

Oil is the result of a journey that begins in the fields with healthy fresh olives. Picked perfectly ripe, they are immediately pressed under the watchful eye of a master presser who knows exactly what to do to preserve the characteristics of the fruit in the oil.

Each and every year, Mio Padre è un Albero Peranzana olive oil is a different expression of its genetic and environmental baggage. This year is no exception: the oil is getting ready to delight us with its uniqueness.

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