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4 April 2014

It’s spring

It’s spring

Perhaps the most beautiful season in the year, spring is synonymous with rebirth and new shapes, colours and smells.

The season of blossoming hope.

For olive trees, spring means pruning; according to popular wisdom, this process should begin fifteen days before the spring equinox.

I have always believed that pruning is of great importance and that olive growers pin all their expectations for a good harvest on it. Sun, Sun, Stone, Stable and Scure (a sharp tool used for pruning in the past) are said to be the five “s”, the secret to making olive trees grow successfully.

There is an awareness that you are taking a journey that straddles both botany and tradition, and this is what gives pruning its special charm.

Vincenzo and his father Michele prune the olive trees for Mio Padre è un Albero. Watching them work, it is clear that each move is carefully thought through. First I watch them walk around the tree looking at it attentively, as if silently listening to its needs. Then, with the determination of someone following a carefully conceived plan, they climb on top of the plant and start a dance filled with the sounds of scissors and saws. Day after day, the little plants are transformed from bushes into trees, the foliage tidied, cleaned and cared for, ready to produce new leaves and healthy fruit.  

Watching them from under the tree, it all seems so easy, so natural. This is the unique art of arborists.

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