Mio padre è un albero Mio padre è un albero


di Lidia Antonacci
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700 trees stand confidently as if protecting what remains of an old fortified farm so typical of the Daunia area, which nowadays is part of one of the most important regions for agricultural production in Italy and in Europe.

700 century-old trees make up the grove of the farming business situated in the region of Sant'Andrea, in the sharpness of San Severo. The farm has fertile land and a great reputation, and prides itself on growing Peranzana olives, a variety originally from France but that found its ideal habitat in the Alto Tavoliere delle Puglie centuries ago.

700 proud representatives of the centennial history of the Azienda Agricola Antonacci.
A history beginning in the 19th century and my great-grandmother Vincenza who, in a society that prohibited women from holding any meaningful position, showed great strength and obstinacy in setting up the "Sant'Andrea olive grove".

Handed down from generation to generation, from woman to woman, this important inheritance has reached Lidia Antonacci, who has embraced it fully. Lidia is driven by the desire to give a new lease of life to the olive oil business, looking towards the future, towards innovation, towards exceptional, uncompromised quality, while always respecting the past.

Lidia loves her land, her trees, her Peranzana oil. This love passes through the land and mixes with her love for her family, rewarding her with a passion for the country, respect for the work it requires and the feelings it produces.

The new business name, Mio Padre è un Albero, My Father is a Tree, represents all this: a journey through time, through tradition and towards the future, where the undisputed protagonist is ancestry, practically tying Lidia to her farm with blood.